Convicted Driver Insurance is a website where people can go to get an affordable car insurance or van insurance quote if they have a motoring conviction (driving endorsements) on their driving licence.

It is commonly known that applying for a car insurance policy with unspent convictions, such as speeding or driving without insurance, can raise the cost of your premiums significantly, particularly with standard insurance companies.

In many cases, insurers have even refused to cover drivers with convictions due to the added risk they pose, so it’s always worth looking for a specialist insurer who can offer policies that are tailored specifically to motorists that have had previous driving convictions – particularly if you want to be offered the cheapest prices.

Specialist car insurance for convicted drivers

At Convicted Driver Insurance, you can get a quote for any of the following common driving offences:

  • Disqualification: some drivers with more than 12 points on their licence could face an automatic driving ban, resulting in a special conviction code – TT99
  • Driving without insurance: IN10 conviction code
  • Exceeding the speed limit on public road: SP30 conviction code
  • Traffic light offences: TS10 conviction code
  • Using a mobile phone while driving: CU80 conviction code
  • Drink driving: DR10 conviction code
  • Careless driving: CD10 conviction code

These are just some of the most common driving offences often committed by drivers in the UK.

No matter what driving conviction you have, no matter how many points you may have on your driving licence, and no matter how many years you have left until your conviction(s) is ‘spent’, you will be able to get fully covered by a trusted insurer by visiting Convicted Driver Insurance.

Guides to help you save on cover and get the best deal as a convicted driver

There is also a ‘Resources’ section on the website which includes useful guides explaining how insurance works if you have previously committed motoring offences, the different types of convictions along with their codes, tips on the cheapest cars to insure in the UK and ways in which you can save money on your premiums.

Convicted Driver Insurance offers reasonable prices and they work with trusted insurers who can offer you different levels of cover depending on your driving needs.

Visit Convicted Driver Insurance now for everything you need to know about getting affordable cover if you have driving endorsements and get a free quote today, obligation-free.