Quote Soup is the go-to website for all types of quotes – whether you want to find the best quotes for your Instagram bio, or you need some extra motivation for that morning run, there will be something for you within this massive library of popular sayings, proverbs, and every-day quotes!

Quote Soup showcases quotes by famous people (from Walt Disney, to Bruce Lee), as well as the average Joe, relating to an endless list of topics, situations and circumstances.

Some of the most-viewed quotes are from the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Bob Marley, Mahatma Gandhi, and Kurt Cobain, so – as you can imagine – you can find motivational, wise, intelligent, and funny quotes for whatever mood you find yourself in.

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Whether it’s a movie quote or a motivational quote, sharing it on your social media pages could give your friends a much-needed morale boost!

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If you are feeling particularly creative, empowered, or funny, then why not become a member author and submit your own quote for our visitors to read? You never know, you could be the next Dalai Lama – as he said, “Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality”.

Make a Meme

You will even be able to make your own memes from scratch using a saying or quote from Quote Soup, for free!

Quote of the Day

Quote Soup features a handy ‘Trending Quote Topics’ list and a list of popular quotes by both famous people and Quote Soup members alike on the homepage, giving you plenty of ammunition to choose your own quote of the day.