Unsure when your MOT is due and whether your vehicle is likely to pass? 

Will it Pass is the UK’s latest FREE MOT checking tool that combines MOT data with the possibility of a vehicle’s pass rate. 

By giving drivers access to real-time and historical data, www.willitpass.com empowers drivers to check their own vehicle’s MOT history, due date and most importantly take control of pre-MOT safety checks based on helpful insights comparing the vehicle to others in the UK using core data such as make, model and mileage.

If you’re interested in your vehicle’s MOT history or even considering buying or selling one, Will it Pass will always come in handy and removes that dreaded sense of uncertainty.

How does it work?

To get your own vehicle results, visit Will it Pass today to enter a valid UK vehicle registration number (VRN) and email address. In a matter of clicks you’ll be presented with a potential MOT pass or fail rate along with a full breakdown of your vehicle’s history from a database containing tens of millions of UK registered vehicles and 100’s of millions of MOT tests. 

Thanks to the hourly updates, you can check back as often as you like to see if your score has changed.